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Pepe, a New Red-Hot Meme Coin Debate Shiba Inu

Meme Coin Debate Shiba Inu: Even though the Bitcoin halving has passed, crypto trader Rekt Captial claims the market has not yet factored in the event’s consequences. Rekt Capital claims Bitcoin experienced a meteoric rise 150 days following halving events.

Meanwhile, leading experts have compiled a list of the top meme coins to invest in for the next bull market. The flamboyant Pepe, according to Hsaka, will surpass the Shiba Inu. In addition, many believe that KangaMoon will gain the most during the 2024 bull market.

Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Still To Be Priced In – Rekt Capital

Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Still To Be Priced In – Rekt Capital

Renowned anonymous cryptocurrency expert Rekt Capital has revealed crucial details five weeks following the Bitcoin halving event. Rekt Capital claims a 150-day consolidation period following each halving in the price of Bitcoin based on historical data. Since the halving’s consequences have not yet been factored in, Bitcoin’s new ATH is still unaccounted for.

After this consolidation, he said, the breakout period begins and usually continues for a few months. Bitcoin is about to have a price breakout since it is now in a re-accumulation period. According to Rekt Capital, Bitcoin remains one of his favourite cryptocurrency picks, but he doesn’t expect it to surpass $400,000 in a bull run.

Pepe (PEPE) To Overtake Shiba Inu This Bull Market

The Meme Coin Debate Shiba Inu market has been dominated by Pepe (PEPE) in 2024. In 2024, the price of Pepe coin reached multiple all-time highs, with a gain of almost 1,000%. The anonymous expert Hsaka has forecasted that the frog-themed meme coin, now dominating the market, will surpass Shiba Inu in market valuation.

If Hsaka is correct, Pepe Coin’s market cap may soar from $7 billion to more than $15 billion, allowing it to unseat Shiba Inu. But he’s far from alone among industry watchers who think Pepe is an incredible cryptocurrency investment. Crypto During this bull market, Kaleo also predicted that Pepe would make a lot of gains.

KangaMoon (KANG) To Outperform the Meme Coin Market in 2024

KangaMoon (KANG) To Outperform the Meme Coin Market in 2024

Analysts have predicted that KangaMoon (KANG) will spearhead the meme coin market’s bull run in 2024, notwithstanding Pepe’s recent prominence. The KANG coin, which has already experienced a 400% increase in 2024, is expected to reach a new yearly high of $1 to $2 after rallying from $0.025. Since KangaMoon is introducing a fresh vibe to the meme currency space, analysts are optimistic about it.

Developing an ecosystem that is both useful and hype-driven is what KangaMoon is all about, in contrast to Pepe. Gamers in the KangaMoon ecosystem could build champion avatars and compete in play-to-earn games. Various events and contests provide participants with opportunities to win KANG tokens.

In addition, KangaMoon has used an organic protocol named Social-Fi to boost ecosystem activities. The purpose of Social-Fi was to incentivize KangaMoon users to participate in the project and earn rewards for their efforts across various social media sites. With KANG tokens, the top performers will be rewarded the most.

With a nearly $7.2 million presale, KangaMoon has garnered much attention as a project bringing something fresh to the meme currency sector. Additionally, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have listed their native coin, KANG. The announcement of support for KANG by the primary exchange, BitMart, adds to the enthusiasm around the project ahead of its much-anticipated launch.

In Conclusion

According to past patterns, Bitcoin’s price might experience a significant upswing in the coming months, suggesting that other cryptocurrencies could reach new all-time highs. Along with its possible higher aim for the current bull market, KangaMoon’s ecology makes it a better alternative than Pepe and KANG, which are the most excellent meme coins to buy.

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