Bitcoin still struggling around $61k: Will it dip lower?

Key takeaways

  • Bitcoin continues to struggle below $62k and could plunge lower in the short term.
  • Bitbot has raised $3.3m so far, with only two stages of the presale left.

Bitcoin stays below $62k

Bitcoin, still struggling around, has had a rough few weeks and might see even more losses if current market conditions continue. With a decline of more than 5% in the past seven days, the price of Bitcoin stands at $61,254 as of press time.

This dismal showing occurs after the US Federal Reserve recently crushed expectations of a near-term interest rate decrease. With high interest rates, risk-averse assets such as Bitcoin have failed to provide the expected performance.

What is Bitbot? 

Nothing in the broader cryptocurrency industry has changed due to Bitcoin struggling with lacklustre price performance. Degens and others in the sector are still interested in airdrops and presales. Bitbot is one of several startups seeking investor funding to solve specific industry problems. Cryptocurrency traders can look forward to distinct value propositions from this Web3 initiative. This Telegram trading bot gives the user control.

Bitbot is defined in the teateam’sitepaper as a selself-custoteam’sradingt that facilitates trading over Telegram cold wallets. By capitalizing on TelTelegram’s dominance as a social platform for crypto users, the solution offers dealers a fresh approach to trading. To facilitate the expansion of tratraders’ advertising portfolios, Bitbtraders will have access to capabilities exclusively available to institutional investors.

BitBitbot’sch targets retail tratradBitbot’siladers may find success.

Bitcoin is still struggling around the market with the software solutions that Bitbot is releasing. Bitbot plans to provide a self-custody solution by utilizing the Knightsafe, as stated in their whitepaper. If you’re worried about the usual day trading on Telegram, this solution can help. Customers can better safeguard their possessions by combining anti-MEV and anti-rug treatments. TraTraders’ta and assets would beTbeTraders’ainstts that falsely inflate transaction fees and halt fraudulent projects with these solutions in place.

Incorporating Ultra-flexible wallet management powered by non-custodial API technology will get some of the more than $3.3 million that has been generated thus far during the presale. Lastly, Bitbot will activate the Copy Trading feature, which helps inexperienced traders mimic the trades of top-performing wallets using on-chain actions.

BitBitbot’sesale tops $3.3m

At thBthBitbot’she, Bitbot presale is nearing the completion of its ninth stage. At this point, the project has raised $3,546,000 out of a total of $3,337,931. According to the team, there are only two more presale stages remaining. As of this writing, one $BITBOT token will cost $0.0180 during the presale, but that price will rise to $0.0189 when the next round begins. The Bitbot development team will control 20% of the total token supply to finance their further development, as suggested in the whitepaper. Exchange liquidity provision receives 3% of the total, while marketing and CEX listings receive 14%.

Should you buy the Bitbot token now?

The option to invest early in this project is slipping away, as only two stages are left in this presale. Despite the volatile market, BitBitbot’sesale is drawing in more investors. By providing traders with innovative tools to enhance their trading processes, Bitbot aspires to achieve widespread market adoption. With the correct amount of acceptance, its native coin has the potential to become a significant winner in the following months and years.

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