Hamster Kombat Has 150 Million Players TOKEN Rising

Hamster Kombat 150 Million: The crypto game phenomenon known as Hamster Kombat, based on Telegram, has recently announced that its player base has surpassed 150 million members, more than the population of Russia. Compared to just the previous week, when the game celebrated hitting 100 million members, this surge represents a fifty percent gain.

As a point of reference, approximately one in five Telegram users have signed up for the game, which allows players to earn actual cryptocurrency prizes as they work towards constructing a hamster’s virtual cryptocurrency exchange. There will be a token airdrop in July, and the awards for Hamster Kombat will be tokens. Players must continue accruing points during the game to be eligible for this airdrop.

Within Telegram, the game functions as a stand-alone application, which eliminates the requirement for extra downloads. Since it has more than 35 million subscribers, the Hamster Kombat announcements channel on Telegram has become the most popular channel on the app.

Hamster Kombat Gains Favour on All Social Media

Hamster Kombat 150 Million video game has attracted considerable interest on Telegram and other platforms. A staggering 23 million people subscribe to the game’s YouTube channel, while its Twitter account has 7.7 million followers. During the past week, both accounts have seen a significant increase in their followers. It is possible to trace a substantial portion of the popularity of Hamster Kombat to its spiritual precursor, Notcoin, another instance of a Telegram game supported by cryptocurrency.

Hamster Kombat Gains Favour on All Social Media

A token airdrop to players, which produced substantial excitement, was how Notcoin could garner a devoted following. Not only did the airdrop take place on May 16, but the token, known as NOT, has also enjoyed tremendous growth since then, hitting a market capitalization of more than $2 billion just last week. Based on market capitalization, NOT is presently ranked among the top 60 cryptocurrencies, as stated by CoinGecko. Notcoin has been quite successful, and Toncoin, the native token of Telegram’s preferred blockchain, has also been very successful.

Another organization that has benefited from the popularity of Hamster Kombat is the Open Network (TONNE). On Friday, the price of Toncoin reached an all-time high of $8.13, signifying a 26% gain over the previous two weeks. Several other ambitious video game developers have taken notice of the success that Notcoin and Hamster Kombat have achieved since their respective releases. Tapswap and Yescoin, two new games based on Telegram, have recently revealed their intentions to debut on TONNE, with objectives comparable to those of token airdrop projects.

Daily Active Addresses: TONNE Blockchain Beats Ethereum

Daily Active Addresses: TONNE Blockchain Beats Ethereum

Over this month, the blockchain used by Telegram, known as “The Open Network” (TONNE), has regularly outpaced Ethereum regarding the number of daily active addresses. Delphi Digital, a renowned company, has reported that the number of daily active addresses connected to TONNE has overtaken that of Ethereum. This accomplishment can be attributed to Telegram’s enormous user base of 900 million. “Telegram Stars” is a new digital payment tool that Telegram introduced. This feature enables users to make purchases within the app itself.

Using the ‘Stars’ on iOS or Android mobile devices is possible. This decision is in response to the recent spike in the number of users joining Telegram’s micro apps, which has seen millions of people join each day. By the beginning of this month, Hamster Kombat announced that it had amassed millions of subscribers and had become the most popular channel on Telegram regarding the number of users. Pixelverse, a gaming ecosystem based on Web3 Telegram, just completed a capital round that successfully acquired $5.5 million.

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