Bitcoin Halving

Around Bitcoin Halving, AVAX, XRP Lovers Like DeeStream

Half of the Around Bitcoin Halving supply, which is scheduled to take place in the middle of April, has been awaited ever since the previous halving, which took place four years ago. This is one of the big events that has spurred the movement of investors. Unlike in the past, when Bitcoin reached an all-time high after halving.

This time around, Bitcoin reached an all-time high before halving.  This is a significant change from the previous situation. Just one week after the halving, the DeepStream presale has witnessed a boost in investment, with investors from Avalanche and Ripple showing a rising interest in the offering.

Avalanche drops below $40

Avalanche is not exempt from the emotion of the market, which has resulted in the price of the cryptocurrency falling to $39.01. Like the majority of alternative cryptocurrencies, Avalanche is exhibiting signs of weakness after the fourth Bitcoin halving. Avalanche is one of the cryptocurrencies that has seen capital bleed over into other cryptocurrencies as a result of the highly anticipated event, which has inspired conflicting levels of sentiment in the market.

Avalanche drops below $40

The price of Avalanche has dropped by approximately 26.3% over the previous month, going from approximately $47 to $39. Avalanche may continue to decline as a result of the fall from the $40 resistance level. Avalanche, on the other hand, showed a 6.7% increase in value over the past week, bringing it closer to $40. An important market action has the potential to propel Avalanche back above $40, which might signal the beginning of a rebound. The current price value of Avalanche is $39.2.

Ripple reacts to Bitcoin halving

The crypto market in the middle of March and the market in the middle of April 2024 are very different from one another. Take Ripple as an example; during the second week of March, it was one of the tokens that had a significant increase in value in the cryptocurrency market. As the value of the Ripple token has increased from $0.4 to $0.62, analysts have indicated that investors of the cryptocurrency have made a profit of $368.79 million.

However, during the past month, Ripple has experienced a fall of 13%, and its current value is $0.54. The steep decrease is attributed by analysts to a correction in prices as well as the sentiment of the market. Although this decrease has occurred, the Bollinger Bands indicator reveals. Ripple is currently experiencing the most severe contraction it has ever experienced. The shrinkage of this band is comparable to the one that was reported in the year 2020, which was the year before the Bitcoin halving. Ripple holders are hopeful about the streaming characteristics of DeeStream and the possibility of redirecting their assets as a response to the trend of decrease.

DeeStream gains investor attention 

Investor confidence has been steadily rising from the beginning of the presale because of the remarkable features and services that DeeStream offers. In the streaming industry, DeeStream was an early trailblazer thanks to its user-friendly signup process. Which grants immediate streaming access, and its rapid payout function.

DeeStream gains investor attention 

Which allows broadcasters to receive their profits instantaneously. Investors in the DeeStream presale are hopeful about the swap service. It would enable them to instantaneously trade different tokens without any fees or commissions. Earnings in DST can be cashed out or exchanged for other tokens.

Interestingly, DeeStream protects its users’ streaming and transaction data, making it impenetrable to outside parties. Secure and protected from unauthorized access, DeeStream. Stands apart from other conventional streaming platforms and harvests user data for targeted advertising. Similarly, DeeStream is a trusted platform for any amount of trading because it is a transparent blockchain technology. That allows users to trace their transaction history and records.

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