WienerAI launches Crypto With Meme Appeal And AI

In the next several weeks, you should keep an eye on a new meme coin: In a novel way, WienerAI launches Crypto (WAI) integrates the entertaining aspects of memes with the possibilities of artificial intelligence. A strong community can be built and supporters can earn significant staking rewards.

In less than a week, the platform raised over $600K during the presale phase of its native WAI tokens. Early investors in WienerAI might see a return on their investment of tenfold, according to many crypto traders. At the time of publication, each WAI token was available for an early purchase price of only $0.000702. But in the next presale rounds, this price will go rise.

Trending new meme coin that could see big gains

A distinctive feature of WienerAI is the way it blends humour with practical strategies for utilizing advanced AI. This is what differentiates it from Dogecoin and other conventional meme coins. The goal of the token is to be more than a fad in the cryptocurrency market. The Wiener dog, according to the WienerAI whitepaper, is “the most powerful cybernetic being in the universe” with an ongoing mission to enhance its AI capabilities.

Trending new meme coin that could see big gains

Platform objectives, such as listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges, are well-defined. The WAI has the potential to explode, according to many famous crypto analysts including Jacob Bury. Jacob recently showed in a video how WeinerAI might provide early adopters with 100x gains. A total of 69 billion tokens can be issued on the platform. During the presale phase, early buyers can purchase 30% of these tokens at a discounted price.

WienerAI launches Crypto may be more sustainable in the long term due to its emphasis on technology and restricted supply. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Coinsult has audited WienerAI’s smart contract. If you are interested in receiving information on token listings, you may join the WienerAI Telegram group.

The WienerAI Story

If WienerAI’s narrative were to go viral, it would be a fascinating meme token. In the story, a crazy scientist created WienerAI when he inadvertently mixed AI with sausage DNA. It debuted with “The Sausage Army,” a community-uniting concept that is both humorous and technically sound, as its focal point. The ‘Doge Army’ of Dogecoin and kindred meme cryptos are a lot like this.

The WienerAI Story

With over $600K raised in less than a week of introduction, the platform has a strong community behind it. Considering its history of creation in a lab and its intended function, the meme token is an entertaining and useful investment. It provides real value and benefits to token holders by leveraging Ethereum’s ERC-20 framework. For those who were quick to back it, there is now a lucrative staking scheme.

As of this writing, the annual percentage yield (APY) for early WAI token buyers staking is over 1,300%. More investors joining the WAI staking pool will cause this rate to fall, nevertheless. A staggering 760,000,000 WAI tokens have been staked on WienerAI launches Crypto, demonstrating the immense faith and backing of the community.

As WAI prepares to be launched on exchanges, holders can receive passive income through staking and profit from future price increases. Like Scotty The AI, who saw a tenfold increase in value after going public on MEXC, this listing can do the same. Another goal of the staking process is to stop the typical “pump-and-dump” scheme. Holding the token for extended periods instead is encouraged to earn greater benefits.

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